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英音:[´meʒə ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.尺寸,量度器,量度标准,方法,测量,措施 vt.测量,测度,估量,分派,权衡,调节 vi.量


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名词:measurer 动词过去式:measured 过去分词:measured 现在分词:measuring 第三人称单数:measures

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appraise  assess  compare  estimate  grade  rank  rate  size    


/'meʒə(r); `mɛʒɚ/
1 (a) [I, Ip, Tn, Tn.pr, Tn.p] ~ (sth) (up) find the size, length, volume, etc of (sth) by comparing it with a standard unit 量度; 测量(某物)
*Can you measure accurately with this ruler? 用这把尺子能量得准吗?
* First measure (it) up, then cut the timber to the correct length. 先把尺寸量好, 再把木材锯成所需长短.
* measure the width of a door, the level of an electric current, the speed of a car 测量门的宽度、电平、汽车速度
* The tailor measured me (up) for a suit, ie measured my chest, arms, legs, etc. 裁缝给我量尺寸做衣服.
(b) [Tn] (fig 比喻) assess (sth); gauge 估计, 估量(某事物); 衡量; 判定
*It's hard to measure his ability when we haven't seen his work. 没有见过他的作品, 很难估计他的能力.
2 [In/pr] be (a certain size, length, volume, etc) 为(某体积、长度、容积等)
*The room measures
10 metres across. 这房间宽10米.
3 [Tn] carefully consider (sth) 仔细考虑(某事物)
*He's a man who measures his words. 他是个用词很讲究的人.
* She failed to measure the effect of her actions on her family. 她未虑及其行为对家庭的影响.
4 [Tn.pr] ~ sth against/with sth/sb test sth through competition, conflict, etc (通过竞争、冲突等)考验某事物, 较量
*measure one's strength against sb else 跟别人比力气
* You have to measure your determination with that of other people. 你得与其他人较量一下决心了.
5 (idm 习语) measure one's `length (joc 谑) fall flat on the ground 扑跌在地上. measure one's strength (with/against sb) compete with sb to see who is the stronger 与某人比强弱.
6 (phr v) measure sth off mark out a length or lengths of sth 量出某物若干长度
*She measured off two metres of cloth. 她量出两米的布. measure sth out give a measured quantity of sth 给予某量的某物
*measure out a dose of medicine 量出一剂药. measure up (to sth) reach the standard required or expected 达到或符合某标准
*The discussions didn't measure up (to my expectations). 这些讨论有负(我的)期望.

/'meʒə(r); `mɛʒɚ/
1 (a) [U, C] standard or system used in stating the size, quantity or degree of sth 计量制; 量度法
*liquid measure 液量
* dry measure 乾量
* Which measure of weight do pharmacists use? 药剂师用哪一种计量制? =>App
5 见附录5.
(b) [C] unit used in such a standard or system 计量单位
*The metre is a measure of length. 米是长度单位.
2 [C] standard quantity of sth 标准量
*a measure of grain, eg a bushel 一标准量的谷物(如一蒲式耳)
* a measure of whisky, ie in England usu --- gill, in Scotland usu --- 一标准量的威士忌酒(在英格兰通常为---吉耳, 在苏格兰通常为---吉耳).
3 [C] instrument such as a rod, tape or container marked with standard units, used for testing length, volume, etc 量具; 量器
*The barman uses a small silver measure for brandy. 酒吧服务员用银质小量器量白兰地酒.
4 [sing] ~ of sth way of assessing sth (估价、判断事物的)尺度, 标准
*His resignation is a measure of how angry he is. 从他辞职一事可见其气愤的程度.
* Words cannot always give the measure of one's feelings, ie show how strong they are. 言语往往不尽能表达自己的情感.
5 [sing] ~ of sth degree of sth; some (事物的)程度, 地步
*She achieved a measure of success with her first book. 她的第一部书就获得了一定程度的成功.
6 [C usu pl 通常作复数] action taken to achieve a purpose 措施; 步骤; 办法
*measures against crime 打击犯罪活动的措施
* safety measures 安全措施
* The authorities took measures to prevent tax fraud. 当局已采取措施防止偷税漏税.
* The government has suggested measures (ie proposed laws) to reduce crime. 政府已提出遏止犯罪活动的法令.
7 [U] (dated 旧) verse-rhythm; metre; tempo of a piece of music 诗的韵律; 音乐的拍节.
8 (idm 习语) beyond `measure (fml 文) very great(ly) 非常地; 极其
*Her joy was beyond measure. 她无比喜悦.
* He fascinates me beyond measure. 他使我神魂颠倒. for good `measure as an extra amount of sth or as an additional item 额外的量; 外加的项目; 饶头
*The pianist gave a long and varied recital, with a couple of encores for good measure. 那钢琴家的独奏演出会时间长、节目多, 还加奏了两支曲子. get/take the measure of sb assess sb's character or abilities 估计某人的性格或能力
*It took the tennis champion a few games to get the measure of his opponent. 那网球冠军打了几局才摸清对手的实力. give full/short `measure give exactly/less than the correct amount 给足[少]分量
*I'm sure the shopkeeper gave me short measure when she weighed out the potatoes. 我肯定那店老板给我称土豆时 扣了分量. ,half `measure policy that lacks thoroughness 折衷的办法
*This job must be done properly I want no half measures. 这工作必须按规矩做--我不允许做得马马虎虎. in great, large, some, etc `measure (fml 文) to a great, some, etc extent or degree 在很大的、某种的...程度上
*His failure is in great/large measure due to lack of confidence. 他的失败在很大程度上是由于缺乏信心.
* Her success is in no small measure the result of luck. 她的成功有不小的因素是靠运气. make sth to `measure make (a garment) after taking individual measurements 定做(衣服)
*Do you make suits to measure? 你定做西装吗?
* a made-to-measure suit 量尺寸定做的西服.
1. Bonpland set up one of the electrometers to measure the electric discharge, but there was no reading.

2. The swallow shares the virtues of both schools in highest measure.

3. Though it may be possible to measure the value of material goods in terms of money,

4. This time, he managed to climb into the mouth of Kituro so that he could take photographs and measure temperatures.

5. These lessons are not the only solutions to the crisis but until there is a cure for AIDS, education represents the only safe measure to guard against the virus.

6. The future? Bosses could measure brain activity to learn worker quality.

7. The results are easy to measure, because they depend on how many graduates pass the examinations for private schools.

8. He has had the length of the wings increased so that they now measure 93 feet-almost as long as those of a Dakota.
    他把机翼的长度增加到九十三英尺,几乎与 Dakota 飞机的机翼差不多长。

9. He devised an instrument to measure light waves.

10. Don´t measure other´s corn with your own bushel.