美音:[əd´væns ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[əd´væns ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.前进,提升,预付款 v.前进,提前,预付 adj.前面的,预先的 预付(款项)


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名词:advancer 动词过去式:advanced 过去分词:advanced 现在分词:advancing 第三人称单数:advances


ab-=from,away from,off 变化型 a-,abs-(c和t之前),adv-,av-

近义词, 同义词



/əd'vɑ:ns; [US] -'vns; əd`væns/
1 [C usu sing 通常作单数] forward movement 前进; 推进; 前移
*The enemy's advance was halted. 敌军的推进遭到了遏止.,
2 (a) [U] progress 进步; 发展
*the continued advance of civilization 文明的不断进步.
(b) [C] ~ (in sth) improvement 改进; 进展; 改善
*recent advances in medical science 医学上的新进展.
3 [C] ~ (on sth) increase in price or amount 价格或数量的增加
*`Any advance on (ie Who will offer more than) 20?' called the auctioneer. 拍卖人喊道榶‘20英镑, 还有增加的吗?’
* Share prices showed significant advances today. 今日股票价格大幅上涨.
4 [C] money paid before it is due, or for work only partially completed; loan 预付; 预支; 借贷
*The bank gave/made her an advance of 500. 银行贷给她500英镑.
* She asked for an advance on her salary. 她请求预支薪水.
5 advances [pl] ~ (to sb) attempts to establish a friendly or an amorous relationship or a business agreement 亲近; 套交情; 求爱; 拉关系
*He made advances to her. 他向她示爱.
* She rejected his advances. 她拒绝了他的追求.
6 (idm 习语) in advance (of sth) beforehand; ahead in time 预先; 事先; 事前
*The rent must be paid in advance. 租金须预付.
* Send your luggage on in advance. 请把行李预先送出.
* It's impossible to know in advance what will happen. 预知未来发生的事是不可能的.
* Galileo's ideas were well in advance of the age in which he lived. 伽利略的思想远远超越了他所生活的时代.

adj [attrib 作定语]
1 going before others 先行的; 先头的
*the advance party, ie a group (of explorers, soldiers, etc) sent on ahead 先遣队; 先头部队.,
2 done or provided in advance 预先做好的; 预先供给的
*give sb advance warning/notice of sth 对某事物给某人预先警告[通知]
* make an advance booking, ie reserve a hotel room, a seat in a theatre, etc before the time when it is needed 预定(旅馆房间, 戏票等)
* an advance copy of a new book, ie one supplied before publication 新书样本(出版前提供者).
1. But instruments far more delicate than that were needed if any really serious advance was to be made.

2. Both the police and the workmen were grateful to the student for this piece of advance information.

3. With the invention of writing, a great advance was made, for knowledge could then be not only communicated but also stored.

4. While meters don't always show the true fare (dishonest drivers sometimes adjust them to advance faster), it is seldom cheaper to rely on the driver to quote a fare.

5. They are greatly pleased at every little advance the child makes.

6. The next important advance in understanding malaria came in the 17th century, when many newly discovered plants in the New World were sent back to Europe to be used as medicines.

7. The rise of jukus is praised by some as one of the secrets of Japanese success, a healthy sign of a system where people advance on the basis of merit.

8. Do you have to pay in advance?

9. Do you always reserve a room in advance?

10. Another advance, a computer-controlled brain scanning device, has led to a second discovery by those seeking the biological component of mental abilities.