美音:[kənt´rəul ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[kənt´rəul ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.控制,支配,管理,调节,抑制,控制器,调节装置 vt.控制,支配,管理(物价等),操纵,抑制


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动词过去式:controlled 过去分词:controlled 现在分词:controlling 第三人称单数:controls 形容词:controllable 名词:controllability

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check  command  contain  curb  influence  master  restrain    


/kən'trəʊl; kən`trol/
1 [U] ~ (of/over sb/sth) power or authority to direct, order or limit (指挥、命令或限制的)能力, 权力; 控制; 支配; 管理
*children who lack parental control, ie are not kept in order by their parents 缺乏父母管教的孩子
* He has no control over his emotions. 他控制不住自己的感情.
* In the latest elections our party has got/gained control (of the council). 在这次选举中, 本党获得了(对议会的)控制权.
* She managed to keep control of her car on the ice. 她在冰上开车时, 尽力控制住了汽车.
* A military government took control (of the country). 军政府接管了(国家).
* The city is in/under the control of enemy forces. 该城现处于敌军的控制之下.
* The pilot lost control of the plane. 飞行员失去了对飞机的控制.
* He got so angry he lost control (of himself), ie started to behave wildly. 他气得无法自制.
* Due to circumstances beyond/outside our control, we cannot land here. 由于出现了我们无法控制的情况, 我们不能在此着陆.
2 [U] management; guidance; restriction 管制; 指导; 限制
*control of traffic/traffic control 交通管制
* control of foreign exchange 外汇管理
* She argued for import control, ie the restricting of imports. 她主张实行进口限制.
* [attrib 作定语] arms-control talks 军备控制谈判.
3 [C] ~ (on sth) means of limiting or regulating 限制或管理的手段
*government controls on trade and industry 政府对工商业的管理措施
* The arms trade should be subject to rigorous controls. 对军火贸易应该严加限制.
4 [C] standard of comparison for checking the results of an experiment (实验的)对照标准
*One group was treated with the new drug, and a second group was treated with the old one as a control. 对一组使用新药, 对另一组则使用旧药以资对照.
* [attrib 作定语] a con`trol group 作为对照的一组.
5 [C usu pl 通常作复数] switches, levers, etc by which a machine is operated or regulated (机器的)操纵装置(如开关、操纵杆等)
*the controls of an aircraft, ie for direction, height, etc 飞行器的操纵装置
* The pilot is at the controls. 飞行员在掌握操纵仪.
* the volume control of a radio, ie the one which regulates loudness 收音机的音量调节器
* a studio with an array of electronic controls 有一系列电子控制装置的播音室
* [attrib 作定语] a control panel, board, lever, etc 操纵盘、板、杆等.
6 [sing] place from which orders are issued or at which checks are made 指挥部; 检查站
*Mission control ordered the spacecraft to return to earth. 指挥部命令宇宙飞船返回地球.
* Our papers are checked as we go through passport control at the airport. 我们通过机场查验护照的关卡时, 查验了我们的证件.
7 (idm 习语) be in control (of sth) direct, manage or rule (sth) 指挥、管理或支配(某事物)
*She may be old, but she's still in control (of all that is happening). 她尽管人已老了, 然而仍由她掌管(一切事情).
* Who's in control of the project? 谁是这个项目的负责人?
* Enemy forces are in control of the city. 敌军控制着这座城市. be/get out of con`trol be/become no longer manageable 失去控制
*The children are out of control. 管不住这些孩子了.
* Inflation has got out of control. 通货膨胀已失去控制. bring/get sth/be under con`trol subdue or master sth/be subdued or mastered 抑制; 控制
*You must get your spending under control. 你必须节制开支.
* The fire has been brought under control. 火势已受到控制.
* Don't worry; everything's under control, ie all difficulties are being dealt with. 别担心, 一切都在控制之下.

/kən'trəʊl; kən`trol/
v (-ll-) [Tn]
1 have power or authority over (sb/sth) 控制, 操纵, 管理, 支配(某人[某事物])
*a dictator who controlled the country for over
50 years 统治该国达50多年之久的独裁者
* Can't you control that child (ie make it behave properly)? 你管不了那个孩子吗?
* an aircraft which is hard to control at high speeds 高速飞行难以控制的飞机
* I was so furious I couldn't control myself, and I hit him. 我气得不得了, 就打了他.
2 regulate (sth) 管理(某事物)
*control traffic, immigration, supplies, prices 管理交通、移民事务、物资供应、物价
* This knob controls the radio's volume. 这个旋钮可调节收音机的音量.
* government efforts to control inflation, ie stop it getting worse 政府控制通货膨胀的努力.
3 check (sth); verify 检查(某事物); 检验
*regular inspections to control product quality 对产品质量的常规检查.


Radar control is a method of providing air traffic control services with the use of radar and Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS-B). The provision of air traffic control services without the use of radar is called procedural control.
1. Eventually I acquired just enough control to move over to the exit platform.

2. But if a nation is disunited, the government cannot be sure that the actions of the people will be in the interests of the nation; and it will have to watch, check, and control the people accordingly.

3. But with such a large population base, the country must still convert millions more to the idea of birth control if it is to reach its population targets.

4. The two armies fought for control of the bridge.

5. The epidemic disease was kept under control by the authorities´ vigorous action.

6. This pressure must be under control, and we control it by means of the mud which we circulate down the drill pipe.

7. The question became one of whether Man could control the disease he had invented.

8. Two assistants, mounted on tame elephants, control the captive from either side,

9. The officer in the control tower was very angry when he heard the news, because balloons can be a great danger to aircraft.

10. The government has succeeded in increasing use of birth control from 10 percent of the population 20 years ago to 49 percent today.