美音:[´əupən ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[´əupən ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.公开,户外,空旷 adj.开着的,敞开的,(车等)无篷的,开阔的,营业着的,公开的,坦率的,未决定的 vt.打开,公开,开放 vi.展开,开始,展现


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名词:openness 副词:openly 动词过去式:opened 过去分词:opened 现在分词:opening 第三人称单数:opens

近义词, 同义词


bare  begin  disclose  establish  expose  initiate  launch  originate  reveal  show  start  uncover  unfold  close  shut    


/'əʊpən; `opən/
1 allowing things or people to go or be taken in, out or through; not closed 开着的
*leave the door open 让门开着
* The door burst open and the children rushed in. 门突然撞开了, 孩子们闯了进来.
* sleep in a room with the windows open 在窗户敞开的屋里睡觉
* with both eyes open 睁着双眼
* The dog escaped through the open gate. 那狗穿过敞着的大门逃走了.
2 [usu attrib 通常作定语] not enclosed, fenced in or blocked 敞开的; 未围起的; 未堵塞的; 开阔的; 空旷的
*He prefers open fires to stoves or radiators. 他喜欢用明火取暖, 不喜欢炉子或暖气.
* open country, ie without forests, buildings, etc 空旷的郊野
* open fields 田野
* an open stretch of moor 一片空旷的沼泽
* crack open a nut 弄开坚果
* break open a safe 破开保险柜.
3 [usupred 通常作表语] ready for business; admitting customers or visitors 营业; 办公; (顾客或观众等)可进入
*The banks aren't open yet. 银行尚未开始营业.
* The shop isn't open on Sundays. 这个商店星期日休息.
* Doors open (eg of a theatre) at 7.00 pm. 下午7时开门(如剧院).
* Is the new school open yet? 那所新校开学了吗?
* She declared the festival open. 她宣布庆祝会开始.
* He kept two bank accounts open. 他有两个银行户头可用.
4 (a) spread out; unfolded 伸开的; 展开的; 开放的
*The flowers are all open now. 现在花儿都开了.
* The book lay open on the table. 那本书在桌上摊开放着.
(b) not fastened; undone 未系住的; 解开的; 松开的
*an open shirt 没系钮扣的衬衫
* a blouse open at the neck 敞领口的女衬衫
* His coat was open. 他的大衣敞开着.
5 [attrib 作定语] not covered in or over 没覆盖的; 没遮掩的; 裸露着的
*an open car, ie one with no roof or with a roof that is folded back 敞篷汽车
* an open wound, ie one in which the skin is broken or damaged 开放性创伤
* He has open sores all over his arms. 他的胳膊上长着烂疮.
* an open drain/sewer 排水[污水]明沟.
6 ~ (to sb/sth) that anyone can enter, visit, etc; public 公开的;任何人都可以(进入、参观等)的; 公共的
*an open competition, championship, scholarship 公开的比赛、冠军赛、奖学金
* This garden is open to the public. 这座花园向公众开放.
* She was tried in open court, ie with the public being freely admitted to hear the trial. 她受法庭公开审讯.
7 (a) not kept hidden or secret; known to all 不隐秘的; 不保密的; 众所周知的
*an open quarrel, scandal, etc 公开的争吵、丑闻等
* the lovers' open display of affection 情人的坦诚示爱.
(b) willing to talk; honest; frank 愿意谈话的; 诚实的; 坦率的
*an open character 直爽的性格
* He was quite open about his reasons for leaving. 他毫不隐瞒自己离去的原因.
8 not finally decided or settled 未做最後决定的; 尚未解决的:Let's leave the matter open. 这件事先悬着吧.
* Is the job/vacancy/position still open (ie available, unfilled)? 那工作[空缺/位置]还接受申请吗?
9 [usu attrib 通常作定语] (of cloth, etc) with wide spaces between the threads (指布等)稀疏的, 稀松的
*an open texture/weave 稀松织法.
10 (idm 习语) be an open `secret be known tomany people, though not publicly or officially acknowledged已是公开的秘密
*Their love affair is an open secret. 他们的风流韵事是公开的秘密. be/lay oneself (wide) open to sth behave so that one is likely to receive (esp) criticism, etc 使自己易受(尤指)批评等
*Don't lay yourself open to attack. 不要让自己轻易受人攻击.
* You're laying yourself wide open to accusations of dishonesty. 你这样做就是让人指责你不诚实. be ,open to `offer/`offers be willing to consider a price to be offered by a buyer 欢迎开价
*We haven't decided on a price but we're open to offers. 价钱未定, 欢迎顾主开价. have/keep an open `mind (about/on sth) be willing to listen to or accept new ideas, consider other people's suggestions, etc 愿听取、接受或考虑别人的意见、想法等
*I'm not convinced your idea will work, but I'll keep an open mind for the moment. 我还没想通是否你的意见可行, 不过我先考虑一下. in the open `air not inside a house or building; outside 在户外; 在露天
*picnics in the open air 露天野餐
* sleeping in the open air 露宿. keep one's `ears/`eyes open be alert and quick to hear or notice things 留心听[看]; 密切注意. keep an eye open/out => eye1. keep one's eyes open/ peeled/ skinned => eye1. keep open `house offer hospitality to visitors at all times 好客; 随时接待来宾. keep/leave one's options open => option. keep a weather eye open => weather1. leave the door open => leave1. an open `book person who is easily understood and very frank 直爽而容易了解的人
*His mind is an open book. 他胸无城府. open `Sesame (magic words used in one of the Arabian Nights stories to cause a door to open 《天方夜谭》故事中用以叫开门的咒语). an open sesame (to sth) an easier way of gaining sth that is usu difficult to obtain 可得到(通常指难以得到的)某事物的捷径或窍门
*Being the boss's daughter is not an open sesame to every well-paid job in the firm. 作为老板的女儿并不是获得本公司任何优薪职位的包票. open to sb possible for or available to sb ...可供某人取舍; 某人可有...
*It seems to me that there are only two options open to her. 我觉得她只有两种选择. open to sth willing to receive sth 乐于接受某事物
*open to suggestions 乐于听取建议
* open to conviction, ie willing to be persuaded about sth 愿听取有说服力的不同意见. throw sth open (to sb) make sth available to everybody 使大家可接触或获得某事物
*throw the debate open to the audience 让听众参予辩论
* throw one's house open to the public 敞开家门接待公众. wide open => wide. with one's eyes open => eye1. with open `arms with great affection or enthusiasm 热烈地; 热情地
*He welcomed us with open arms. 他热情地欢迎我们.

/'əʊpən; `opən/
1 (a) [I, Ip] become open; be opened 开; 打开; 张开
*Does the window open inwards or outwards? 这窗户是朝里开的还是朝外开的?
(b) [Tn, Tn.pr] cause (sth) to be open; unfasten 打开(某物); 使松开
*Open your coat. 你宽宽大衣吧.
* open a box, parcel, envelope, etc 打开箱子、包裹、信封等
* She opened the door for me to come in/to let me in. 她开门让我进去.
* open the window a crack/fraction/bit/little, ie open it slightly 把窗户稍稍打开.
2 [Tn, Tn.pr] cut or make a passage through or opening in (sth) 穿过(某物)开辟通道; 在(某物)上开孔
*open a mine, well, tunnel, etc 开矿、打井、凿隧道
* open a new road through a forest 开辟一条穿过森林的新路.
3 [I, Ipr, Tn, Tn.p] ~ (sth) (out) (cause sth to) spread out; unfold (使某物)展开, 铺开, 张开
*The flowers are opening (out). 花都开了.
* open a book, a newspaper, etc 打开书、报等
* open (out) a map on the table 在桌上摊开地图
* Open your hand I know you're hiding something. 你把手张开--我知道你手里藏着东西呢.
4 (a) [Tn] start (sth) 开始(某事物)
*open an account, eg at a bank 开户头
* open a meeting, a debate, etc 开会、开辩论会.
(b) [I, Tn] (cause sth to) be ready for business, admit users or visitors, etc (使某事物)开张, 营业, 开放
*Another supermarket opened last week. 上星期又有一家超级市场开张了.
* Banks don't open on Sundays. 银行星期日不办公.
* open a business, new shop, hospital, etc 开公司、新商店、医院等.
(c) [Tn] ceremonially declare (a building, etc) to be open 在仪式上宣布(某建筑物等)开始使用
*open a garden fete 在仪式上宣布游园义卖会开始
* The Queen opens Parliament. 女王宣布议会开会.
5 (idm 习语) the heavens opened => heaven. open one's/sb's eyes (to sth) make one/sb realize sth that surprises one/him 使自己[某人]了解到意想不到的事物; 长见识
*Foreign travel opened his eyes to poverty for the first time. 他一到外国才初次见识到什么是贫穷. open `fire (at/on sb/sth) start shooting 开火
*He ordered his men to open fire. 他命令士兵开火. open the floodgates (of sth) release a great force of emotion, destruction, rebellion, etc previously held under control 打开闸门(释放出感情、破坏、反叛等的能量). open one's `heart/`mind to sb express or discuss one's feelings or ideas freely 开诚相见; 倾心吐胆.
6 (phr v) open into/onto sth give access to sth; lead to sth; allow one to reach sth 通向某处
*This door opens onto the garden. 这道门通往花园.
* The two rooms open into one another. 这两个房间有门相通. open out
(a) become wider; become visible 打开; 张开; 展现; 显示
*The road opened out into a dual carriageway. 这条路已扩展成了复式车行道.
* The view opened out in front of us as the fog cleared. 雾一消散景色就呈现在我们眼前了.
(b) develop (in personality, etc) (个性等)形成, 发展
*She opened out a lot while she was staying with us. 她与我们相处期间个性已强多了. open up (infml 口) talk freely and openly 畅谈
*After a few drinks he began to open up a bit. 他喝了几杯酒话就多起来了. open (sth) up;
(a) (cause sth to) open (使某物)打开, 张开
*Coughing like that might open up your wound. 你那样咳嗽会把伤口震开的.
(b) (cause sth to) be available for development, production, etc (使某物)供开发, 生产
*New mines are opening up. 新矿正在开发.
* open up undeveloped land, new territory, etc 开发未开发的地区等
* His stories opened up new worlds of the imagination. 他的小说开拓了想像力新天地.
(c) (cause sth to) beginbusiness (使某事物)开业, 开张
*open up a new restaurant开一家新餐厅
* He never opens up shop on a Sunday. 星期日他的商店从不营业. open sth up unwrap, undo sth; unlock (a room, door, etc) 解开、拆开某物; 打开(房间、门等)
*open up a package 打开包裹
* open up the boot of a car 开开汽车的行李箱
* open up an unused room 打开未用过的房间
* `Open up!' (ie `Unlock the door!') shouted the police officer. `开门!'警察喊道. open (sth) with sth start with sth 以某事物开始
*The story opens with a murder. 这故事以一件谋杀案开始.
* He opened the conference with a speech. 会议首先由他致词.
1. `Open your mouth a little wider,´ said the dentist.

2. By having to sleep in the open, he gets far closer to the world of nature than most of us ever do.

3. But there were times when not a single piece of dry wood could be found and even Humboldt lay with his eyes wide open, listening to the roars of the beasts that surrounded them.

4. Be the first to extend your hand in greeting. Couple this with a friendly 'Hello', a nice smile, and your name and you have made the first step to open the lines of communication between you and another person.

5. Before I reach the door, I think I hear a voice say, money. Before I open the door I hear a voice and turn to see the man with a gun.

6. Be honest and open about who you really are. People who lack genuine core values rely on external factors — their looks or status — in order to feel good about themselves.

7. What though before us lies the open grave?

8. When you see someone you know, or would like to make contact with, smile. You are showing an open attitude to conversation.

9. When my father sent love letters to my mother, my grandmother would open and then hide them.

10. The tournament is open to amateurs as well as professionals.
    这次比赛不仅职业运动员可以参加, 而且业余运动员也可以参加.