美音:[taıp ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[taıp ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.类型,典型,模范,[印刷]活字,铅字 v.打字,测定(血等)类型


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动词过去式:typed 过去分词:typed 现在分词:typing 第三人称单数:types

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brand  character  class  genus  group  ilk  kind  make  nature  sort  species  variety    


/taɪp; taɪp/
1 ~ (of sth) class or group of people or things that have characteristics in common; kind 类型; 种类
*different racial types 不同人种
* Which type of tea do you prefer? 你喜欢哪种茶?
* all types of jobs/jobs of all types 各种各样的工作
* A bungalow is/Bungalowsare a type of house. 小平房是房子中的一种类型.
* winesof the Burgundy type/Burgundy-type wines 勃艮第类型的葡萄酒.
2 ~ (of sth) person, thing, event, etc considered as a representative example of a class or group 有代表性的人、物、事等; 典型
*I don't think she's the artistic type. 我认为她不属艺术家那类的人.
* not the type of party I enjoy 不是我喜欢的那种聚会
* the old-fashioned type of English gentleman 旧式的英国绅士
* just the type of situation to avoid 就是要防止这种情况. He's true to type, ie behaves as sb of his class, group, etc may be expected to behave. 他就是他那类人的典型.
3 (infml 口) person of a specified character 某种类型的人
*a brainy type 聪明的人
* He's not my type (of person), ie We have little in common. 他跟我不是一个类型的人.
4 (idm 习语) revert to type => revert.

v [Tn] classify (sth/sb) according to its type 将(某事物[某人])按类型划分
*patients typed by age and blood group 按年龄和血型分类的病人.

/taɪp; taɪp/
(a) [C] small block, esp of metal, with a raised letter or figure, etc on it, for use in printing (印刷用的)铅字, 活字.
(b) [U] set, supply, kind or size of these 活字的宽度、储备、字体或字号等
*set sth in bold, roman, italic, etc type 将某文稿排成黑体字、正体字、斜体字等.

v [I, Ip, Tn, Tn.p] ~ sth (out/up) write sth using a typewriter or word processor 用打字机或文字处理机打印某文稿
*typing (away) with four fingers 用四个手指打(着)字
* This will need to be typed (out) again. 这篇文稿要重新打一遍. typing (also `typewriting) n [U]
1 (skill at) using a typewriter or word processor (使用打字机或文字处理机的)打字(技术)
*practise typing 练习打字
* [attrib 作定语] a typing pool, ie a group of typists who share a firm's typing work 打字小组(承担一部门打字工作的).
2 writing produced on a typewriter or word processor (用打字机或文字处理机打出的)文稿
*two pages of typing 打出的两页文稿. typist / 5taIpIst; `taIpIst/ n person who types, esp one employed to do so 打字者; (尤指)打字员
*fast accurate typists required 招聘打字快速、准确的打字员
* copy, shorthand, etc typists 依照原稿、速记等打字的打字员.


The MG M-type was produced by the MG Car company from April 1929 to 1932. It was sometimes referred to as the 8/33.
1. Which type of tea do you prefer?

2. When the fire had at last been put out, the forest authorities ordered several tons of a special type of grass-seed which would grow quickly.

3. The fire brigade was called and two fire fighters freed George using a special type of grease.

4. The last type of defense mechanism is called “rejection.”

5. The fire extinguisher should be able to put out any type of fire.

6. This type of technology evolves out of convenience, says Evan Hendricks (伊万·亨德里克斯), editor of the Privacy Times (《私密时代》) newspaper, but "the dark side is that landlords, employers, and insurance companies could say we won't do business with you
    《私密时代》报纸编辑伊万·亨德里克斯说,为方便起见产生了这门技术,但是,"其不便之处就是房东、雇主或保险公司等会说,我们不会与你谈正事的, 除非你出示该卡。"

7. They show unusual patterns for several genes, including the highest rate of a rare blood type.

8. He has never really been the sociable type.

9. He invented a new type of stethoscope.

10. However, a new type of humour, which stems largely from the U.S., has recently come into fashion.