美音:[laıt ]点这儿播放单词美音发声
英音:[laıt ]点这儿播放单词英音发声
n.光,日光,发光体,灯 adj.轻的,发光的,明亮的,浅的vt.点燃,照亮 adv.轻地 vi.点着,变亮


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形容词比较级:lighter 最高级:lightest 副词比较级:lighter 最高级:lightest 动词过去式:lighted/lit 过去分词:lighted/lit 现在分词:lighting 第三人称单数:lights

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airy  bright  clear  delicate  lucid  open  weightless  dark  darkness  dim  heavy    


/laɪt; laɪt/
1 [U]
(a) kind of natural radiation that makes things visible 光; 光线; 光亮
*the light of the sun, a lamp, the fire, etc 阳光、灯光、火光.
(b) amount or quality of this 光亮的程度
*The light was beginning to fail, ie It was getting dark. 天色渐暗.
* This light is too poor to read by. 这光线太暗不能看书.
* the flickering light of candles 摇曳的烛光
* (fig 比喻) A soft light (ie expression) came into her eyes as she looked at him. 她望着他, 眼中闪露出柔情. Cf 参看 dark1.
2 [C] source of light, esp an electric lamp 光源; (尤指)电灯
*turn/switch the lights on/off 开[关]灯
* Far below the plane we could see the lights of London. 从飞机上俯视远处可以看到伦敦的万家灯火.
* A light was still burning in his study. 他的书房里仍有孤灯独燃.
* That car hasn't got its lights (ie headlights) on. 那辆汽车的前灯没有打开.
* Keep going, the lights (ie traffic lights) are green. 继续开吧, 是绿灯.
3 [C] (thing used to produce a) flame or spark 火焰; 火花; 点火物
*Have you got a light? eg for acigarette. 你有火儿吗? (如为点香烟).
4 [U] understanding; enlightenment 了解; 领悟; 启发
*I wrestled with the crossword clue for ages before light finally dawned, ie I understood the solution. 那纵横字谜的提示, 我琢磨了很长时间才恍然大悟.
5 [C] (esp in compounds 尤用以构成复合词) (architecture 建) window or opening to admit light 采光的窗或孔
* leaded light.
6 [U, C usu sing 作不可数名词或可数名词, 後者通常作单数] (art 美术) part of a picture shown as lighted up (图画的)亮部
*light and shade 亮部和阴暗部.
7 (idm 习语) according to one's `lights (fml 文) in conformity with one's beliefs, attitudes or abilities 按照自己的信念、态度或能力
*We can't blame him
*he did his best according to his lights. 我们不能责怪他, 他已尽力而为了. at first light => first. be/stand in sb's `light be placed between sb and a source of light 挡住某人的光线
*Can you move? You're in my light and I can't read. 借个光行吗? 你挡住亮我没法看书了. the bright lights => bright. bring sth to `light reveal sth; make sth known 揭露或暴露某事物
*New facts have been brought to light. 已揭露出新的情况. by the light of nature without special guidance or teaching 天生的; 自然而然地. cast/shed/throw light on sth make sth clearer 使某事物清楚些
*Recent research has shed new light on the causes of the disease. 最近的研究结果对该病的病因已有新的了解. come to light be revealed; become known 显露; 为人所知
*New evidence has recently come to light. 新证据最近才为人知. give sb/get the green light => green1. go out like a `light (infml 口) faint or fall asleep suddenly 突然昏厥或入睡. hide one's light under a bushel => hide1. in a good, bad, favourably, etc `light
(a) (of a picture, etc) so as to be seen well, badly, etc (指画等)看得清楚, 看不清楚
*Two pictures have been hung in a bad light. 两幅画都挂在看不清的地方.
(b) (fig 比喻) well, badly, favourably, etc 好; 坏; 有利地
*Press reports make his actions appear in the worst possible light. 新闻报道极力丑化他的举动.
* It is hard to view his conduct in a favourable light. 他的行为实难恭维. in the light of sth (US in light of sth) in view of sth; considering sth 鉴于某事物; 考虑到某事物
*review the proposals in the light of past experience 照老经验来评论那些建议. jump the lights => jump2. light at the end of the tunnel success, happiness, etc after a long period of difficulty or hardship 历尽艰辛後的成功、愉快、幸福等; 苦尽甘来. lights out (in barracks, dormitories, etc) time when lights are (to be) turned out (军营、宿舍等的)熄灯时间
*Lights out! 熄灯!
* No talking after lights out. 熄灯後不许说话. see the `light
(a) understand or accept sth after much difficulty or doubt (几经困难或怀疑後)明白或赞同某事物.
(b) be converted to religious belief 皈依某宗教. see the light (of `day)
(a) (rhet 修辞) be born 降生.
(b) (of abstract things) be conceived or made public (指抽象事物)构想出或公开
*The notion of a Channel Tunnel first saw the light of day more than a century ago. 海峡隧道的构想在一百多年前就已提出. set light to sth cause sth to start burning 引火烧某物. strike a light => strike2. sweetness and light => sweetness (sweet1).

adj. Cf 参看 dark2.
1 full of light; not in darkness 光线充足的; 明亮的
*a light airy room 明亮通风的房间
* In spring the evenings start to get lighter. 春天天渐渐黑得晚了.
2 pale 淡色的; 浅色的
*Light colours suit you best. 你最适于穿浅色衣服.
* light-green eyes 淡绿色的眼睛. `light-coloured adj
*I prefer light-coloured fabrics. 我比较喜欢浅色的织物.

bulb = bulb2.

/laɪt; laɪt/
v (pt, pp lit / lIt; lIt/ or lighted) (Lighted is used esp as an attributive adj, as in a lighted candle, but Cf He lit the candle and The candles were lit. lighted一字尤用作定语形容词, 如在lighted candle`点着的蜡烛'词组中, 试比较He lit the candle`他点着了蜡烛'和The candles were lit`蜡烛都点着了'. )
1 [I, Tn, Tn.pr] (cause sth to) begin burning (使某物)开始燃烧
*This wood is so damp it won't light. 这木头湿点不着.
* light a cigarette 点香烟
* Let's light a fire in the living-room tonight. 今晚我们在起居室生火吧.
2 [Tn] turn on (an electric lamp, etc) 开(电灯等)
*Light the torch I can't see the path. 打开电筒吧--我看不见道儿.
3 [Tn, Tn.pr] provide (sth) with light 给(某物)提供光源
*These streets are very poorly lit. 这些街道的照明很差.
* Nowadays, houses are mostly lit by electricity. 现在房屋大多用电照明.
4 [Tn.pr] guide (sb) with a light 用光引导(某人)
*a candle to light your way 为你照路的蜡烛.
5 (phr v) light (sth) up (infml 口) begin to smoke (a cigarette, etc) 点上(烟等)吸起来
*light up a pipe 点上烟斗. light up (with sth) (of a person's face, etc) become bright or animated (指人的脸等)放光彩, 容光焕发
*Her eyes lit up with joy. 她因喜悦而目光炯炯. light sth up
(a) illuminate sth 照亮某物
*a castle lit up with floodlights 泛光灯照亮的城堡
* flashes of lightning lit up the sky 照亮天空的道道闪电.
(b) make (a person's face, etc) bright or animated 使(人的脸等)放光彩, 容光焕发
*A rare smile lit up his stern features. 他那难得一见的微笑在他死板的脸上平添一些生气.

/laɪt; laɪt/
adj (-er, -est)
1 easy to lift or move; not heavy 轻的; 不重的
*He's lost a lot of weight
*he's three kilos lighter than he used to be. 他体重减了很多, 比以前轻了三公斤.
* Carry this bag it's the lightest. 拿这个袋子吧--这个最轻.
2 [esp attrib 尤作定语] of less than average weight (比平均重量)轻的
*This coat is light but very warm. 这件大衣很轻但非常暖和.
* light shoes, clothing, ie for summer wear 轻便的鞋、衣物(夏季穿用的)
* The old bridge can only be used by light vehicles. 那座旧桥只能通行轻型车辆.
* a light aircraft 轻型飞机.
3 (following ns 用于名词之後) less than the expected weight (比预期的)轻的, 分量不足的
*This sack of potatoes is five kilos light. 这袋土豆少五公斤.
4 [esp attrib 尤作定语] gentle; delicate 轻柔的; 轻巧的
*a light tap on the shoulder, a light patter of rain on the window 在肩上轻轻的一拍、雨点在窗户上的轻柔拍打声
* a light knock on the door, ie not loud 轻轻的敲门声
* be light on one's feet, ie agile or nimble 步履轻快.
5 [esp attrib 尤作定语]
(a) easy to carry out or perform 容易做的; 易为的
*Since her accident she can only do light work. 她出事以後只能做轻活儿了.
* take a little light exercise 做轻微的运动.
(b) easy to understand 易懂的
*I took some light reading (eg a thriller) for the train journey. 我带上一些轻松的读物乘火车时消遣.
* light music, comedy, entertainment, ie not serious or difficult 轻音乐、轻喜剧、轻松的娱乐活动.
6 easy to bear; not severe 容易承受的; 不严厉的
*The company was fined 1000, which critics said was too light. 公司被罚1000英镑, 论者称惩处过轻.
* a light attack of flu 轻度流感.
7 not intense 不猛烈的
*The wind is very light. 风很小.
* Trading on the Stock Exchange was light today. 证券交易所今日交投平平.
* light showers of rain 小阵雨.
8 [esp attrib 尤作定语] not dense 稀少的
*light traffic 来往车辆稀少
* The river was visible through a light mist. 透过薄雾那河隐约可见.
* This plant will only grow in light (ie sandy) soil. 这种植物在轻质土壤中才能生长.
9 (a) (of meals) small in quantity (指饭食)少量的
*a light snack, supper, etc 小吃、少量的晚餐.
(b) (of food) that is easy to digest (指食物)易消化的, 清淡的
*a light pudding 易消化的布丁
* Her souffles are always so light. 她烤的蛋奶酥总是这么清淡.
10 [attrib 作定语] (of sleep) not deep (指睡眠)不沉的, 不熟的
*Please don't make any noise my mother's a very light sleeper, ie wakes easily. 请安静--我母亲睡觉睡不实.
11 [esp attrib 尤作定语] (of drinks) low in alcohol (指饮料)酒精含量低的, 淡的
*light ale 淡味麦芽啤酒
* a light white wine 低度白葡萄酒.
12 [esp attrib 尤作定语] cheerful; free from worry 愉快的; 无忧无虑的
*with a light heart 轻松愉快地.
13 (idm 习语) (as) ,light as `air/as a `feather very light 很轻. light re`lief words or actions that relax tension or relieve concentration 使人轻松或松弛的言语或行动
*His humour provided some welcome light relief. 他的幽默可使人松了一口气. make light of sth treat sth as unimportant 对某事物等闲视之
*He made light of his injury, ie said it was not serious. 他对自己的伤不以为意. make light work of sth do sth with little effort 不费力做某事
*We made light work of the tidying up. 我们做整理工作轻而易举. many hands make light `work => hand1.

adv with little luggage or possessions (used esp in the expression shown) 轻装地(尤用于以下示例)
*travel light 轻装旅行.

/laɪt; laɪt/
v (pt, pp lit / lIt; lIt/ or lighted) (phr v) light into sb (sl 俚) attack sb (physically or verbally) 打、打击或抨击某人. light on/upon sb/sth find sb/sth by chance 偶遇某人[某事物]
*Luckily, I lit on a secondhand copy of the book. 真运气, 我无意中见到了那本书, 是本旧的. light out (US sl 俚) leave quickly 迅速离去
*I lit out for home. 我马上回家了.

adj. Cf 参看 dark2.
1 full of light; not in darkness 光线充足的; 明亮的
*a light airy room 明亮通风的房间
* In spring the evenings start to get lighter. 春天天渐渐黑得晚了.
2 pale 淡色的; 浅色的
*Light colours suit you best. 你最适于穿浅色衣服.
* light-green eyes 淡绿色的眼睛.


The MV Delight is a Hong Kong-flagged grain carrier. It was attacked and hijacked in the Gulf of Aden in the Arabian Sea off the coast of Yemen in the Horn of Africa by Somali pirates on 18 November 2008 at 2 p.
1. Early next morning, she saw a light ahead.

2. Even seemingly insignificant remains can shed interesting light on the history of early man.

3. Even seemingly insignificant remains can shed interesting light on the history of early man.

4. Early next morning, she saw a light ahead.

5. Each evening Humboldt and Bonpland made up their journals, writing sometimes for two hours by the light of the fires.

6. Better to light one candle than to curse the darkness.

7. But the stars are so far away that their light still takes years to reach us.

8. Below are some predictions made by Richard N. Farmer, who gave his light-hearted opinion of the "World of 2084."
    下面是理查德 N·法默所作的一些预测,他以轻松愉快的心情为 “2084年的世界” 描绘了一幅充满妙趣的图画。

9. But then something gets my attention, and I begin to think of new uses for items such as old light bulbs or eggshells.

10. Behind me someone switched on a light, and I could see his thick silvery hair and strong, square jaw.