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n.脚步,步幅,步调,步伐,步骤,措施,梯级,台阶 v.走,举步,移步,踏 产品数据转换规范


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动词过去式:stepped 过去分词:stepped 现在分词:stepping 第三人称单数:steps

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/step; stɛp/
v (-pp-) [Ipr, Ip]
1 lift and put down the foot, or one foot after the other, as in walking 踩; 踏; 跨步; (连续)迈步
*step on sb's foot 踩着某人的脚
* step in a puddle 踏进水坑
* step forwards/backwards 向前迈步[向後退步].
2 move a short distance in this way in the direction specified 向某方向走一小段距离
*step across a stream  尚过小溪
* step into a boat 登船
* step onto/off the platform 走上[下]讲台
* `Kindly step this way (ie come here, follow me), please.' `请往这边走.'
* (fig 比喻) step into a job, ie get one without effort 轻易得到一份工作.
3 (idm 习语) step into the `breach help to organize sth by filling the place of sb who is absent (某人不在时)代理某事. step into sb's `shoes take control of a responsible task or job from another person 接替某人. `step on it (US also step on the gas) (infml 口) go faster; increase speed (esp in a vehicle); hurry 快走; 加速(尤指开车时); 踩油门; 赶快
*You'll be late if you don't step on it. 你要是不加快速度就要迟到了. ,step out of `line behave or act differently from what is expected 出格; 越轨
*The teacher warned them that she would punish anyone who stepped out of line. 老师警告他们说谁要不守规矩就罚谁.
4 (phr v) step aside allow another person to take one's place, position, job, etc 让开; 让位
*He stepped aside to let me pass. 他站到一边让我过去.
* It's time for me to step aside and let a younger person become chairman. 我该把主席的位子让给年轻的人了.

/step; stɛp/
1 [C] act of stepping once (in walking, running, dancing, etc) (走、跑、跳舞等的)步, 脚步
*walk with slow steps 慢步行走
* The water was deeper at every step. 每走一步水就更深一些.
* He took a step towards the door. 他向门口迈了一步.
2 [C] distance covered by this 一步的距离
*retrace one's steps, ie go back 原路折回
* move a step closer to the fire 向那火走近一步
* It's only a few steps farther. 只有几步远.
* He walked with us every step of the way. 他跟我们走了一路.
3 [sing] short distance 短距离
*It's only a step to the park from here. 公园离这儿很近.
4 (also `footstep) [C]
(a) sound of sb stepping or walking 脚步声; 走路的声音
*We heard steps outside. 我们听到外面有脚步声.
(b) way of stepping or walking (as seen or heard) 步态; 走路的姿势或声音
*with a light cheerful step 以轻快的脚步
* That's Lucy I recognize her step. 那是露西--我听得出她的脚步声.
5 [C] particular way of moving the feet in dancing (forming a pattern) 舞步
*I don't know the steps for this dance. 我不会这种舞步.
6 [C] any one of a series of things done in some process or course of action or development (某过程中的)一步
*a step in the right direction 方向正确的一步
* This has been a great step forward, ie Much progress has been made. 这是向前迈出的很大的一步.
* What's the next step? ie What must we do next? 下一步该怎么办?
7 [C] level surface on which the foot is placed in going from one level to another 台阶; 梯级
*a flight of steps 一段台阶
* Mind the steps when you go down into the cellar. 你走到地下室去时要当心台阶.
* They had to cut steps in the ice as they climbed. 他们往上爬时得在冰上凿出踏脚处.
* The child was sitting on the top step. 那孩子坐在最上一级台阶上. =>illus at stair 见插图stair. =>Usage at stair 用法见stair.
8 steps [pl] = step-ladder
*a pair of steps 一副摺梯
* We need the steps to get into the loft. 我们上阁楼要用摺梯.
9 [C] rank, grade or stage in a series or on a scale; stage of promotion 级别; 等级; 阶段; 晋升的一级
*Our marketing methods put us several steps ahead of our main rivals. 我们的销售方法得力, 超过主要对手几个等级.
* When do you get your next step up? ie When will you be promoted? 你何时晋级?
10 (idm 习语) break `step get out of step (when dancing or marching) 乱了步伐(跳舞或齐步走时). change step => change1. a false step => false. in/out of step (with sb/sth)
(a) (in marching or dancing) putting/not putting one's correct foot on the ground at the same time as others (齐步走或跳舞时)与他人步子一致[不一致].
(b) conforming/not conforming to what others are doing or thinking 与他人谐调[不谐调]
*He's out of step with modern ideas. 他同现代思想不合拍. keep step (with sb) walk or (esp) march in step (with sb) (与某人)步伐一致地走(尤指齐步走). mind/watch one's `step
(a) walk carefully 小心地行走.
(b) behave or act cautiously 谨慎地做事或行动
*You'll be in trouble if you don't watch your step. 你要是不谨慎从事就要倒霉了. ,step by `step proceeding steadily from one stage to the next; gradually 一步一步地; 逐步地; 逐渐地
*[attrib 作定语] a ,step-by-step in`struction manual 逐项解释的说明书. take steps to do sth take action in order to achieve a desired result 采取步骤以达到某目的
*The government is taking steps to control the rising crime rate. 政府正采取措施, 控制不断上升的犯罪率.
1. Every awkward attempt meets with sympathy and encouragement, and the most difficult step on the path of language becomes the merriest game.

2. Each meeting focused on one step.

3. By the time I was sixteen, my daughter's age, his breath was a wheeze, embarrassing to hear; he could not climb stairs without resting every third or fourth step.
    到我16岁, 也就是我女儿现在这般年龄时,他一呼吸就呼哧呼哧的,让人感到不安;他上楼时每走三、四级楼梯就得停下来休息一会儿。

4. Be the first to extend your hand in greeting. Couple this with a friendly 'Hello', a nice smile, and your name and you have made the first step to open the lines of communication between you and another person.

5. We should enrich our knowledge step by step.

6. Would I sit on the governor's committee and try to do something about the thousands of welfare clients who, like me, could earn part or all of their own livings if they were allowed to do so, one step at a time?

7. Then she heard his step on the stairs, and she turned pale for just a moment.

8. There was a song in every heart; there was cheer in every face and a spring in every step.

9. This step was taken in 1898 by Italian biologists, who provided the last missing link in man´s search for the cause of malaria.

10. There was no middle point. They had a simple saying hanging on their living-room wall: "Life is like a field of newly fallen snow. Where I choose to walk every step will show."